We believe that freedom of independent movement is key in living a fulfilling life and the fourth eye device aids visually impaired people to move freely by giving them more information about their environment. The device uses echolocation technology to image obstacles and alerts the user using haptic feedback. Using vibrations users are able to “feel” their environment and navigate with ease.

Having to ask for assistance whenever one wants to move around diminishes the human dignity of visually impaired people but with the 4th eye devices, they are free to more around with ease and confidence.


  • Has a white cane slip-on slip-off feature which allows a person to use the device with or without the white cane.
  • Can warn the user of obstacles up to 3 meters away.
  • Has 3 levels of obstacle detection; 0.6 meters, 1.5 meters and 3 meters.
  • Can detect above-knee level obstacles otherwise missed by the white cane.
  • Long battery life of up to 3 weeks.
  • Robust material which absorbs shock from most impacts it may be subjected to.
Accuracy 99%
Reliability 98%

Hope Tech Plus Making A Difference

We utilize on modern technology to create tools to enhance interaction with the physical environment and to promote personal development and thereby facilitate the integration of visually impaired people in all aspects of the society.

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