Hope Tech Plus Foundation was established to deploy solutions that will facilitate improved lives for people living with visual impairment in Africa and beyond. We aim to achieve this vision through implementation of Education projects for visually impaired learners, distributing assistive devices to visually impaired people who have no access to them and lobbying for passing of laws that favor visually impaired people.

Visually impaired people miss out on so many opportunities available in the society. From an early age, it is difficult for them to learn any courses in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The lack of technology to teach these concepts from an early age blocks visually impaired people from careers in Engineering and Sciences. We introduce computers to learners at an early age and teach coding as a platform to encourage them to venture into Science and Engineering. We have built computer labs in schools across East Africa to advance this concept. We are building a machine learning algorithm to teach computer programming to visually impaired people thus making the whole solution scalable globally.

Accuracy 99%
Reliability 98%

Assistive Technology helps Visually impaired people interact with the physical environment better and consequently facilitate their integration into the society. The foundation is committed to distribution of assistive devices to aid in learning, mobility and commerce. We equip libraries with assistive devices that facilitate learning such as computers and text magnifiers, distribute the 4th eye mobility devices to people who cannot afford them and give entrepreneurship training to visually impaired people to start businesses.

Accuracy 95%
Reliability 92%

A healthy society is only possible if the government plays a role in passing laws that enable inclusive infrastructure to be developed and give a fair playing field to persons with disabilities. Often when these provisions are set, visually impaired people do not still get a chance to participate and get the benefits. The unique challenges that come with visual impairment can only be addressed by laws and policies specifically tailored to suit their needs. We have a team of legal experts that help in lobbying for laws for better policies for visually impaired people.

Accuracy 99%
Reliability 98%

Hope Tech Plus Making A Difference

We utilize on modern technology to create tools to enhance interaction with the physical environment and to promote personal development and thereby facilitate the integration of visually impaired people in all aspects of the society.

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Hope Tech Plus Limited leverages on strategic partnerships to drive our cause. We believe in a small way, we can make a huge impact when we join hands together. Be part of our programs and make a difference.