Who we are

Hope Tech Plus Limited is an organization focused on innovative solutions for the visually impaired. We believe a healthy society is one where everyone participates in everyday activities regardless of their challenges. We work to facilitate the integration of visually impaired people in all aspects of the society by creating tools and programs for empowerment.

We do this by leveraging on modern technology to create tools to enhance interaction with the physical environment and to promote personal development.

We have assistive devices to help in mobility. There are two versions of the devices. One is called Fourth Eye which is currently being distributed in Kenya and East Africa and the other is called The Sixth Sense which is still in development.

We have an education programme called the Venus Project where we train students aged between 7 and 20 years who are visually impaired how to use computers and eventually learn how to code.

The employment focus is on lobbying for better laws for the visually impaired.

Our Vision and Mission


To facilitate the integration of visually impaired people in all spheres of the society.


We believe we can create healthy societies where there are no barriers for the visually impaired to live out fulfilling lives.

Get Involved

Hope Tech Plus Limited leverages on strategic partnerships to drive the cause, get involved and make a difference!